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money talk 部落格开通了。。

为了响应马来西亚政府的号召 – 加强及提高马来西亚人民浏览网站的使用率。同时,也为了促使货币流通及增加马来西亚国内的消费指数。小弟终于向域名注册局注册了

从今天开始,所有关于财经、行销策略、经营策略、人事组织、工作方法、找钱和花钱等话题,总之就是关于钱钱钱的话题,将在yk’s money talk – 出现。

而所有关于政治、社区、文化、个人和环保等话题将继续保留在小弟的第一个部落格 – 准时向大家见面。


Start from today onwards, articles that related to financial, economic, marketing strategic, and any money related topics will move to my new blog –

However, the existing blog – will remain as a political, social, community and others topic related blog.

thank you for your support. – political, social, community and cultural related blog – financial, economic, marketing strategic and money related blog

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