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Ipoh – Penang Trip 1

1155 Depart from KL and heading to Funny Mountain Tau fu fa
(GPS Coordinate: N 04′ 35.684′ E101′ 05.067)
1500 Reached Ipoh. having my bean sprout chicken.
(GPS Coordinate: N 04′ 35.640′ E101′ 05.053)
1530 Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa
(GPS Coordinate: N 04′ 35.684′ E101′ 05.067)
1700 王清发海鲜。因看错时间,到达时已是收摊时间。可能明天再试。(GPS Coordinate: N 05′ 26.596′ E100′ 23.757)
1845 Reached hotel after traveling 427KM. its the time to take a nap.
‘rest is for long journey’
2035 Dinner @ 公巴好友海鲜 – 槟城公巴海湾 (养正学校对面小巷)that is more far than expectation. It takes about 45 minutes from Komtar. Price is reasonable, food is fresh and that why the seafood is delicious even with a normal steam.

1 虾姑, 1 Crab, 1 Vege, 1 Taufu + 2 Drinks = RM54

(GPS Coordinate: N 05′ 17.177′ E100′ 13.968)

2231 Watch Movie @ hotel room.

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  1. st. even says:

    在公巴应该有不错的风景吧? 你们吃“濑尿虾”的吗?听说那里的膏蟹很不错喔。不错啊,还能找到那儿~

  2. st. even says:


  3. WEIMING says:

    Hello. Tauke. Enjoy ur tasty trip. I back to KL yesterday noon liao.

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