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Finally got my iPhone 4

After 10 hours waiting, finally I got my iPhone 4 at 10pm+

  1. Start to queue up on 24/9/2010 12.30pm.
  2. 1.12pm got my number. My queue number is 3628, while the queuing on that time only reached 3100+
  3. Told by event staff to return back around 3.30pm
  4. Leave KL and depart to Kuala Selangor for 1 seminar.
  5. My honey return back to the launch site at around 5.30pm, and the queuing now reach 3400++
  6. To make sure nothing goes wrong, she helps me to get another number, just in case I miss it. – 4168
  7. 9.00pm, she get another express queue number. 0012
  8. 9.56pm, with the help of Lam and Wen Tat, finally they manage to send me back on time. – return to Kuala Lumpur from Kuala Selangor.
  9. 1000pm, successful enter to the event ballroom.
  10. 1030pm, finally got my iPhone 4.
  11. 1100pm+ reached home.

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