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Yellow Cloth cannot be too ‘Bersih’

Yellow Cloths

Back to the Mac – iLife 11 – iPhoto’11 & iMovie’11

Apple is having his conference right now.. (Malaysia time 2010/10/21 1am) -

A new iLife 11 has been introduce with the following new features:-

  • Photo ’11 has new features: there’s a new fleshed-out full screen mode. There are Facebook enhancements to let you more easily post to Facebook. Made it really easy and elegant to email photos, added new slideshows, a “big leap in books”—printing over 2 million books a year—quality of printing is up; and adding letterpress cards.
  • You can see all your events, and there’s a toolbar that has sections for Events, Faces, Places, Albums, etc.
  • The Faces interface looks pretty similar to the iPad Photos Faces section.
  • New fullscreen Places view as well.
  • Terrain, satellite, hybrid views. Floating menu that lets you pick cities, countries, specific places.
  • Pushpins on the map for all your locations.
  • You can click show photos to you all your pictures from the area you’re looking at, or run a slideshow

iMovie ’11: #1 request after last version was for better audio editing.

  • It uses the information about the album to make the book. The cover used the key photo from the album. The higher you rate a photo, those will be photos it uses for the bigger spreads. It tries to keep photos together if they were snapped around the same time.
  • Some really complex editing with just a couple of clicks.
  • The face detection technology is now used in iMovie to identify segments that have people and it can distinguish how many people are in the shot and whether it’s close-up, medium or wide.

sources from pcworld – live update

Finally got my iPhone 4

After 10 hours waiting, finally I got my iPhone 4 at 10pm+

  1. Start to queue up on 24/9/2010 12.30pm.
  2. 1.12pm got my number. My queue number is 3628, while the queuing on that time only reached 3100+
  3. Told by event staff to return back around 3.30pm
  4. Leave KL and depart to Kuala Selangor for 1 seminar.
  5. My honey return back to the launch site at around 5.30pm, and the queuing now reach 3400++
  6. To make sure nothing goes wrong, she helps me to get another number, just in case I miss it. – 4168
  7. 9.00pm, she get another express queue number. 0012
  8. 9.56pm, with the help of Lam and Wen Tat, finally they manage to send me back on time. – return to Kuala Lumpur from Kuala Selangor.
  9. 1000pm, successful enter to the event ballroom.
  10. 1030pm, finally got my iPhone 4.
  11. 1100pm+ reached home.

Opps, Digi Webmaster Off Duty now!

Ya, I try to get the Digi iPhone 4 information from their official website, so that i can come out another post to compare the Maxis and Digi iPhone 4 rate – “iPhone 4 Maxis VS Digi”.

Although I can logon to Digi website, but I realize that the information that published on their website is not consistent. Some still showing the iPhone 3GS rate, in fact  Digi should publish iPhone 4 rate at 6pm.

here is the screen shot that I took from Digi site.

to confirmed that, I have clear my browser’s cache, and browse it using Mozilla, IE and Chrome.

How could this thing happen in Digi’s Big Day? Is the webmaster rushing to celebrate the mooncake festival? or Digi shouldn’t launch in the evening where by the staff are rushing to clock out.

P/S: As I refresh the site at 11:52pm 23/9/2010 – I am able to see the new iPhone 4 rate. Finally Webmaster came back!