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Archive for October, 2012

Bad Online Shopping Experience – Groupon Malaysia

As you can see, I purchased this on 12th August 2012.

On 19/9/2012, I sent an email to groupon support with the following contents


and i understand that the item will be deliver on 10/9/2012.
however, I havent received my item, i just wondering whether they have send out the item? or they didnt received my redemption form? or just forget about my purchase.
I feel frustrated in groupon shopping experience.


And they replied on the next day. (quite efficiency)


Daniel D, Sep 20 10:50 am (MYT):

Hi YK,

Thank you for your email and sorry to learn that our redemption procedures disappoint you.

I have checked your account and it looks like you have successfully redeemed for this voucher. In other words, your delivery details have been recorded successfully.

No worries, as stated on the deal page the deliveries began Sep 10, 2012, and you will receive your product(s) within 14 working days (exclusive of Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays). Your order is currently undergoing delivery process. You may expect your product by next week.

Hope this clarifies your concern.


A month later, I still haven’t received my item, therefore, I sent them another email to remind them, and they replied me on the same day.


Swee, Oct 08 06:04 pm (MYT):

Hi Low,

Thanks for writing in. =)

Upon receiving your email, i’ve check through the redemption form and it shows that you have done the redemption successfully so not to worry.

For this item of yours, i’ve already check with the merchant and the merchant informed us that there will a delay in terms of delivery as the merchant is running out of stock and is in the midst of restocking the item. Should stock run out, restocking takes up to 21 working days and customer will be expecting to receive the item by the end of this month.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to write to me and I will be more than happy to assist you. Cheers. =)


At last, i sent this to them.

Hi Swee,

On 20th September, I was informed by Daniel that the item I ordered and have paid for will be delivered on the following week (24-29 September). In view of that, I informed my mum to be at home to receive the dispatch. Unfortunately, despite 6 days of waiting, I have again been disappointed and now only do you inform me that the item needs to re-stock. This is truly unacceptable to me or to any of your customers.

You should have checked stock earlier, and if at any time you know the item is running low in supply and needs to be restock, it is your duty to inform your customers the actual day delivery begins which in this case, was on 10th September 2012. If you had done that it would have been acceptable as it would be already written in the terms and conditions.

All this while, I was patiently waiting but there was no notification, no email nor call from the merchant or Groupon to explain the late delivery. I was in the dark whether the parcel was lost, delivered but not received due to no one at home or simply stolen by aliens. All I could do was to wait, wait and wait! Please be informed that my patience has reached its limit.

What I cannot accept is the excuse that you need 21 days to restock. How is it that the merchant only knows that he has run out of stock 26 days after a customer has successfully undergone the redemption process?

I wonder if the re-stocking + Shipping need to take up to 21 days + 14 days (+ 4 days weekend) + 18 days (from the date of closing of the item to the date of delivery).

An this online deal takes up to 60 days for delivery of the product, it would be the longest online shopping experience that I have ever experienced, a much longer time than the process of purchasing my car. For you information I have:

purchased items from Apple – 4 days delivery

purchased from Amazon via normal post – 21 days delivery

BUT an order from Groupon Malaysia takes 60 Days (or More). Now I have a really POOR opinion of your services.

In view of that, I will advise ALL my friends NOT TO BUY any item from Groupon Malaysia due to my bad experiences and its poor services and I will also post my dissatisfaction on my blog, social network, and any other forum which I participate in. Just for your information, my blog has at least 1500 visitors daily from all walks of life and the number is increasing every day.


this is their replied


Swee, Oct 11 05:30 pm (MYT):

Hi Low,

Thanks for your reply.

I am sincerely sorry this deal turned out to be such a bad experience for you. Rest assured I have escalated this matter to all involved parties to make sure it is addressed accordingly. We thank you for your honest feedback as this helps us to improve ourselves and also your experience while preventing this from happening again in the future.

I’m surprise with your feedback as well as from our understanding, the merchant have informed us that they did informed the customer but it seems like now it’s either you did not receive the mails or the merchant is not telling the truth but either way i will inform this to our management as well.

The time frame that the merchant have included for restocking is long is because they will need to wait for the goods to send to malaysia and when the item comes in bulk, definitely it will have to goes through custom and they tried to include an estimated time of how long will the cargo be stuck in there as well.

Your purchased from other online store is faster due to the quantity of the item is small and it’s shipped directly to you. Hence the delay of course will not be as long as the one for merchant who need to order in bulk.

I understand your frustration toward this matter and we also humbly seek for your understanding from the merchant end as well. If you do not wish to wait for the item, please let me know so that i can check with our account manager whether there will be a refund possible being done from our end as well as you have mentioned that your patience have reached its limit and i totally understand how you feel.

Should you need any further assistance, please do let us know!