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The Star – 2 July 2008 – N53

Every day i pray that one day all of us will join hands regardless of race, religion, creed or colour and, for once, proudly identify ourselves as Malaysians.


5 Responses to “我也这么认为!”

  1. Kong says:

    I am thinking at a lower level: Why do we need to be proud Malaysians? Why not just proud individual?

    If some Malaysians become world famous scientist, author or musician, why do they have to say that they are proud of Malaysian?

    I think it is the reverse: Malaysians should be proud of them. If I became a famous author, the Malaysian government almost didn’t do a thing directly to make me an author, the Malaysian market didn’t help me, even they bought my books.

    Because helping means: The author is so-so, but since he is a Malaysian, we should support local authors. 2 points here: There’s almost no such things as supporting local authors, and number 2, if there’s support of local authors, it becomes a crutch for the author, and subsequently how can he survived in the global market??

    If on the other hand, a lot of locals are buying books by a particular author, they are NOT supporting him or her. They are FASCINATED by the author’s work. So, in that sense, we cannot say they are supporting him. It is just fair trade.

    If I do become a world famous author, saying that I am proud to be Malaysian is what we called…..P.R. message. On being a world famous author, the only thing that is meant something to me is: I am proud to be a competitive author.

    Well, of course, Malysian should be proud of me, but then, if I am creating a following outside of this country, whether or not I am fully appreciated locally will become secondary.


  2. Hoya says:

    All the Malasyian think the same, most of the Malaysia love Malaysia very much

    Only those who think the country is belong as his personal property & use it as his intest.
    To most of the polition, think about to most of you are act politic,s animal
    no more humen work

  3. Jin says:

    is it possible to have that day started?

  4. seenganchin says:

    before the present extremists from the ruling party go to hell, we are only dreaming.

  5. nik says:

    If only all the citizens are following the proper/right psychological/spiritual guidance

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