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安华 VS 纳吉 决战




同样的,当拉兄成功的把首相一职 ‘传’ 给纳吉后,你认为纳吉会继续沉默挨打吗?最近重提的鸡奸案就是一个很好的证明。



6 Responses to “安华 VS 纳吉 决战”

  1. Anak Malaysia says:

    For the sake of our country and people, we have no alternative but to pray that Dato Sri’ Anwar will be emerged as the ultimate winner…..becos….

    -our future will not be secured with the level of corruption and abuse power across in our judicial and executive branches. The current issues surmounted in our country spoke louder than my word ! You Know, we know and our amah and kia soon knew as well.

  2. yatlokfatt says:


  3. 4ais says:



  4. Esky says:

    Since UMNO doesn’t want to change, it’s okay, we change the govt to one that can possibly change M’sia for the better. UMNO is so screwed up, that it’s highly unlikely that Anwar can do any worse!

  5. Tenido Lim says:

    Ya lo. I supports Anak Malaysia says, may be my father still can’t understand what is really happens right now in the political stage. But I believe that my ‘amah and kia kia soon soon’ (although my kia kia soon soon haven’t come out yet…) will knew these as well. Our country is having political risk now, and if not 解決 in between these few year I think my loved country will ‘Drop’, drop not only the moral in judicial manner, but covers huge and wide aspect.

    Then if Dato Sri’ Anwar appears, hopefully he is more kind than others la. I believe that the PM right now will had no reason to stay in his position as a PM after few month counted from now.. Thanks God. and for the one called Dato Seri 纳吉, sry, I had no comment abt him, better won’t be our PM in this country la.

    because Why huh bother and sister ah u know? Think logically la, not only the media but the sky (老天有眼的) also know that .

    Sry for who not sure what I saying, my English language not so good…

  6. freedom says:

    哗 还敢讲蒙古案啊? 可怜的私家侦探印度大哥 全家都不见了。。 现在还不是时候说着话题 等啦!!多四年 蒙古案,大道合约案及多宗贪污 滥权案件 都会一一揭晓!! 谁最怕这一天到来?? 谁最期待这一天到来 朋友们!能不能看到这么精彩的戏 决定权在你手中

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